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With years of experience with speaking  programs, we can position your company in the industry you are targeting by placing your spokespeople at targeted speaking engagements, and working to expand your brand.  You may already have a speaking program in place through your PR agency or through your internal Marketing programs….we know it takes a lot of work, and can work side-by side with your team for a seamless process.


Our team will work with company executives and conference managers through our speaker placement programs to stay on top of deadlines, and secure strategic speaking opportunities.


Many companies are looking for help with press releases, editorials, press tours, and full PR support.  Our team can help with the largeset of programs on down to project work that might be needed.  Our goal is to get you noticed, no matter how large or small the program.


We work directly with corporate PR teams, as well as contract out to PR Agencies for supplimental support.


It’s important to consider where your potential customers will be in order to be heard..and seen.  Industry awards highlight your solutions as well as your customers. We can help with these submissions and secure the nominations that will enhance your messaging.


Industry awards play a major role in generating recognition and status within almost every industry, and thousands of companies enter them regularly, even more so in this economy.  The value of an industry award truly lets your company stand above the rest and keeps their name in the public eye, but who has the time to write these timely submissions?  In some cases, submissions entail intensely detailed questionnaires which may involve the response of various parties (from opinions of future visions to company philanthropic efforts).  We can help.

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