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Proven track record - Placed hundreds of executives at keynotes and high level talks in the past 21 years.  We average over 1,000 secured speaking slots for our clients in a typical year.  Secured coveted awards for clients over the years.


Database - We maintain an exclusive database of awards and events that audience critique information is pulled from.  This enables us to provide an added-value level of analysis that goes beyond what’s available on event organizers’ web sites.


Value of relationships - Key relationships with event organizers and magazine editors that often lead to first picks of speaking opportunities at events.


ROI - We screen the event before our clients are submitted to an opportunity, with the following criteria: correct audience mix, media attendance, topic fit, competitors, potential customers.  Speaking at the right “slot” can lend to the right people listening to your message, which is money well spent.  You are avoiding spending thousands on exhibiting and sponsoring just to speak (we try to seek out the opportunities which are of no cost to the speaker, besides travel and living).


Placement record - On average, one out of every 3 submissions we make results in a speaking invitation.   The more speakers we submit for our clients, the more likely they are to be accepted to speak.  However, we are very careful to focus on the quality of the opportunity, versus quantity of opportunity we evaluate and send to you.  Regardless of “volume”, this is still a ‘high-touch’ business.


Why not in house?- An in house team may not have the focus we do.  We are a speaker placement specialized agency, who can put our full resources into what you need in a placement program.  An in-house program may require you to pull resources from other areas, which might not produce the detailed analysis you need. 


Opportunity Analysis- In order to evaluate and analyze the correct events for our clients, we meet with them on a regular basis to fine tune messaging, abstracts and speaker bios.  We then research and track events of interest (based on these topics), and begin to analyze if the client needs to be there.  This analysis is based on the following:  past company participation—what did they say about the event?, are their competitors at this event?, what is the track record of the event?, who produces it?  What is the opportunity that is open to submit to?  When is the deadline to submit? Will the right media be there?  What type of audience will be there?  How many will be in attendance for this expected opportunity?  We answer all of these questions before offering an opportunity to our client to submit to.


Cost of program - Cost of the program varies on how many placements anticipated, how many speakers involved in the program, and client budget.  Each program is tailored to meet client budget and placement goals. 


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